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      Whether channeling personal expression, provoking emotions or capturing a moment of light and shadow, in my work I want to portray the spasms of anxiety that underpins modern life. I explore fear and curiosity connecting mental health in the modern world. I work by observing others and their emotions as well as embracing my own. I intend to bring the beauty of what's unseen and life's unidentifiable outcomes. Truths, dreams and soft showings of an altered visual reality is how I cover the space. My other body of work approaches the ongoing war that takes place in the West Bank by igniting self-contradictions that occur when investigating the topic of Israel and Palestine. I use an approach that creates questions no matter what prior knowledge or stance you have on the topic. I acknowledge both sides of destruction and violence while I present truths. We may never be able to convince people of it but I hope to create a spark in the subconscious.

   Nazrene is an Interdisciplinary Artist located in Atlanta, GA.  Her interdisciplinary work is rooted in her studies of Photography, Video and Sculpture at Florida State University.  Much of her work is drawn to the gaps between mental health and societal normalcy. Personal in nature, her work is also reflective of both her mixed-race, as well as, her Palestinian-American identity, addressing the turmoil in the West Bank.  Her studies in sculpture inform both her use of double exposure photography to build narratives from emotions and moments, as well as her canvases of acrylic built up with layers of paint dipped paper. Nazrene continues her search for the unidentifiable through exploration, observation, and experience.

CV & EDucation


2019// Bachelor with a focus in studio art Florida State University, Tallahassee, fl



Aug-Dec 2014// The Blanket Story Exhibition for the Columbia Art Gallery at Columbia University/ New York, NY

Oct 2018// Inner Home In Our Home Exhibition for the All Saints Culture Club/ Tallahassee FL.

Nov 2018// Investigating Identity Exhibition for the Phyllis Straus Gallery/ Tallahassee FL.

Sep-Oct 2018// Southern Exposure Gallery/ Tallahassee FL.

May 2018// Emotion Exhibition for the Phyllis Straus Gallery, Tallahassee FL.

Jan2021// Insurrection Exhibition for Sol Art Collective, Atlanta GA



Spring 2019// "FSU Artists" Center for Participant Education Catalog

Summer 2020//Refresh Magazine, Online

Fall 2020// Solidarity: International Virus of Dehumanization, Alter Work Studio, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Inverted Syntax, Online/Print​

Fall 2020// Wild Roof Journal: Works of Resistance, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Waxing & Waning: Inside Outside & Observation of mental self, Online/Print

Fall 2020// About Place Journal: Works of Resistance, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Dark Side Collective/Feminist Art Museum: A New Normal, Online/Print

Fall 2020// Mainline Magazine, Print

Fall 2020// Composition of Color, Online

Fall 2020// Strawbry Jean Magazine, Online

Fall 2020// Refresh Magazine, Print/Online



Ann Kirn Award. Florida State University.2019




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